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Meneghetti SpA delivers a complete range of products under the Fulgor Milano brand. The launch of this product line has resulted from years of dedicated product development and knowhow in the cooking industry.

The Fulgor Milano brand benefits from ongoing investments made by Meneghetti SpA in product design, research and development.
A commitment of resources and a global vision are the two elements which have contributed most to launch the Fulgor Milano project and propel it into the future.

Fulgor Milano is presented as a creative and innovative concept to the world of kitchen design, promoting the excellence of Italian design and advancement in technology for the domestic appliance markets of the world.


Identify yourself with a product, use it, love it, own it.
A unique experience.


An elegant design that is the result of inspired and creative research.

A product that is hand crafted in Italy with an unsurpassed attention to detail.

A passionate team of product developers who have promoted Italian excellence of the Veneto Region to the rest of the world.


Our professional range is the result of an ongoing commitment to research and development which is fueled by the commitment of the Meneghetti family.
The Meneghetti family has always followed the ideal of continued progression and evolution in manufacturing and product design to grow their business.

However, all of these goals cannot be executed without the complete support of the Meneghetti team. A team of marketing, technical and industrial professionals analyzed the market, identified the opportunity; and developed the product to bring a seductive offering to the market.
This product was designed to help boost awareness of the Fulgor Milano brand through quality and innovation across all markets.


Dual Flame burners. Each burner is able to ensure maximum power and precise control.

From simmer to maximum power, each burner does it all
Maximum power of each burner: 18.000 BTU / h


The stylish ceramic surface is an excellent solution to obtain careful temperature control and to minimize energy consumption.

Enhanced safety
Energy efficiency
Ease of cleaning


Dual Flow System. Perfectly uniform baking thanks to the patented technology of dual convection.

Cool-touch door
Maximum visibility
Soft closing system
Engineered quality you can feel


Since the last century Meneghetti SpA has been manufacturing a wide range of OEM cooking products for the home appliance sector. The company has established itself as a leader in the market with a reputation of unsurpassed quality, offering a wide range of options; and incredible flexibility that incorporate the expertise of years of knowledge in the residential cooking sector.

In addition to constant product innovations and technological advancements, Fulgor Milano products distinguish themselves by the attention to detail and the solid build quality that goes into every unit.
The products acquire a further level of elegance once they are placed in the kitchen environment for which they have been created.

This defines all activities of Meneghetti SpA, which can be described as "production with passion".

This definition is imprinted on each product, reaffirming the company as a leader in Italian residential cooking manufacturing.

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